SEG Wavelets TED Talk Hits the Ground

SEG Wavelets leadership with the invited speakers and the audience.

Inspired by how TED Talk had wowed many crowds around the globe, SEG Wavelets’ leadership team organized their own Ted-style talk to jump start the Fall semester activity on 29th Friday at SEC104. The talk featured the department faculty members including Dr. Edip Baysal, Dr. John Castagna and Dr. Paul Mann.
Dr. Baysal shared his learning about how some specific processing technique, like the deghosting, can lead into a broadband seismic data, extending the low frequency content from 4 Hz to 2 Hz ( an octave) as well the high frequency part of the data. He underscored the importance of the removal of the reverberation of energy in the marine seismic processing to improve the frequency band of the seismic data. Dr. Castagna opened his talk with a catchy line “Do not have much reverence for the gods”. Then he talked about the relationship between S-transform and Fourier transform spectra. He suggested students do not just accept any statement without trying to prove it. Dr. Paul Mann had a different approach in the content of his talk. He deliberately brought up a non-technical topic which resonated in every single audience. His talk received a lot of feedback as he was talking about how the department is ranked compared to other universities in the US. In addition, he gave beneficial advice on how students can stand out in this competitive and crowded department.
The event received a positive response from the faculty members and students by the number of attendance, which was over 40 people, despite of the horrendous weather. This was the first of many events that SEG Wavelets is promoting at the University of Houston and we hope that it had become a culture when the next leadership takes over.
The next event which is called as “Pop-Up Talk” will feature students as speakers where each is given 5 minutes to showcase his or her stories. The event will be on Nov 21st from 2pm-3pm at Agnes Arnold Hall Room 104.
- Azie Aziz on behalf of SEG Wavelets