Exploration Geophysics Lecture Series (EGLS)

SEG Wavelets is the host of the Exploration Geophysics Lecture Series (EGLS).

The EGLS attempts to complement what we learn in class with talks about real world exploration geophysics from industry leaders. The talks are targeted to geophysics graduate students but are completely open to anyone interested. All talks are given on Fridays at 12:00pm in the Science and Engineering Classroom Building, room 104.

Dr. Edip Baysal from Paradigm talks about the evolution of Reverse Time Migration
from his UH PhD thesis 30 years ago to the current state-of-the-art implementations

Following is a list of future EGLS talks:

[Jan 25, 2013] - Enru Liu from ExxonMobil, "Title TBA"
[Date TBA] - Bob Hardage from the SEG and the Bureau of Economic Geology, "Title TBA"

Following is a list of all the past EGLS talks:


21 - [Nov 30, 2012] - Nick Boyd from Halliburton, "Beyond Factory Drilling: Using Seismic Data for Intelligent Well Placement"
20 - [Nov 16, 2012] - Geoffrey Dorn from TerraSpark Geosciences, "Stratigraphic Interpretation using Domain Transformation"
19 - [Oct 26, 2012] - Douglas Foster from ConocoPhillips, "Interpretation of AVO Anomalies"
18 - [Oct 19, 2012] - Zakir Hossain from Rock Solid Images, "How can NMR measurements improve rock physics predictions"
16 - [Sep 21, 2012] - Edip Baysal from Paradigm, "Reverse Time Migration: 3 Decades"
15 - [Aug 31, 2012] - Karen Glaser from Schlumberger, "Shale Reservoirs: What makes a good one and how to explore for them"
12 - [Mar 30, 2012] - Kurt Strack from KMS Technologies, "Array Electromagnetics"
11 - [Mar 02, 2012] - Faqi Liu from Hess, "The Key to Successful Exploration: Super Seismic Images"
10 - [Feb 24, 2012] - Michael Economides from UH Petroleum Engineering, "Design of multiple transverse fracture horizontal wells in shale gas reservoirs"
07 - [Feb 03. 2012] - Colin Sayers from Schlumberger, "Gas shales: A geomechanics and rock physics perspective"
05 - [Jan 20, 2012] Fred Hilterman from Geokinetics, "Pore-fluid quantification: Unconsolidated versus consolidated sediments"
04 - [Nov 18, 2011] - Arthur Cheng from Halliburton, "How to measure seismic anisotropy from borehole measurements"
03 - [Nov 11, 2011] - Steve Danbom from Rice U, "Synergistic power of tomographic inversion of first-break traveltime data and tomographic inversion of multi-electrode resistivity data"
02 - [Oct 28, 2011] - Allen Bertagne from BRT Energy, "Thriving and Surviving as an E&P Geoscientist in the 21st Century"
01 - [Oct 21, 2011] - Mike Mueller from Microseismic, "Microseismic Resolution: Showing how surface and near-surface methods provide constraint on hypocenter event positioning"