EAS Student Organizations

1. SEG Wavelets

SEG Wavelets is the University of Houston's SEG student chapter. It devoted to promoting education in geophysics. We work with professional organizations, industry professionals, University of Houston faculty, and other student organizations to bring those students educational, social, and possible future employment oppurtunities. Our organization is growing every year. This year we have taken another step forward by launching our website. This is just a springboard, however. It is because of this website, that we are able to provide you all the inforamtion that can be found here. We hope you find the site enjoyable and easy to navigate.

The SEG Wavelets will continue working hard to bring you up to date information about our affiliated organizations, sponsors, events, and geophysical publications. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us. Please feel free to browse our site, however, some of the material may require you to create an account with our organization.

2. AAPG Student Chapter

Founded in 1917, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists is currently the world's largest professional geological society. The membership of AAPG includes geologists, geophysicists, CEOs, managers, consultants, students and academicians. The purpose of the organization is to foster scientific research, advance the science of geology, promote technology and inspire high professional conduct.

3. GeoSociety

We are a non-profit organization founded in 1998 by a group of geosciences students at the University of Houston. Since, we have organized a number of community outreach activities, networking events, and annual field trips to expose our members to the field and promote their involvement in the geosciences community. Our members include undergraduate and graduate students of Geology, Geophysics, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.
This fall 2010, our group has been involved in expanding our community outreach agenda. GeoSociety volunteers annually at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences's Earth Science week event. Here we have the opportunity to interact with the public and work with organizations such as HGS, NeoGeos, GSA, and HGMS.
As part of a continuing tradition, GeoSociety will be hosting a geology winter field trip scheduled for January 2011. In the past, GeoSociety has taken students to locations such as the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, and Southern California. This year's location has yet to been chosen. These winter trips give our students introductory exposure to the field; which is key to understanding the concepts taught in the classrooms.